grain options

Welcome to JL-Trade- Grain Options Execution!

We are a team of commodity grain options brokers that execute for customers in the Chicago Board of Trade grain and soy option pits.

We also have the abilities to execute electronically, however we still believe the deepest, most transparent, and most liquid venue for customers is the open outcry forum for the Ag options.

  • Streaming IM flow of players.
  • Straddle Markets.
  • Implied Volatility Readings.
  • Ability to execute your order via IM.
  • Daily Market Letters that are emailed directly to you and give you trade ideas for bulls, bears, producers and users.
  • Quote and Market Information Platform with news, weather, messaging abilities and order entry.

Call us, or email us to discuss further or to try out the Instant Messenger and Daily market information for free.